Speaking Out

“Just because we're homeless, we're still people. You know, you can work nine to five, you can work a 40-hour week and still be homeless.” — Lorrie, Toronto

As leading advocates for change, women with lived experience are essential to ending homelessness. Their stories, advice and expertise provide a wealth of understanding. First-hand knowledge from women who have taken up advocacy is accessible through videos, reports and books.

For more information on women who can speak in your community, contact Homes for Women at info@homesforwomen.ca.

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Petrina in Saskatoon 
Invisible People TV

Vivian House turned Patti's Life Around 
BC Housing

Jean from Halifax 
Invisible People TV

Destiny in Winnipeg 
Invisible People TV

Young and Homeless: Story of Samantha O'Connor 
SMG Productions, Humber College

Lee Anne in Montreal 
Invisible People TV